Thu Fashion and Tailoring provides a wide range of services, from designing a custom gown for your wedding or special occasion to tailoring suits or altering clothing.

Clothing alterations include everything from re-sizing a blazer to hemming pants. We can also completely re-style your garments!

Do you have a favorite fashion style that you just can't seem to find, or would like to have matched? Bring in an example and have it duplicated!

Thu Fashion can also provide custom gown services. Bring in a picture or idea and get a consultation with the designer/owner. At Thu Fashion, we produce our own pattern, based on your measurements, providing accurate fit to your body. Each client will get one-on-one attention from Thu. You will also have the option of bringing in your own material or choosing from Thu's excellent selection of quality fabrics here in the store. Come and visit Thu Fashion & Tailoring, whether you are altering a favorite suit, or need the perfect gown to mark your special occasion.